Get Perfectly Sealed Windows

Get Perfectly Sealed Windows

Request window installation or replacement services in the Manchester, NH area

Are you completing the final steps of your new build? Make sure your windows are secure with window installation services from Addon Construction, LLC in Manchester, NH. We can install any window accessories you may need, including locks and jamb liners.

You can trust us to install your windows properly in order to prevent unnecessary repairs in the future. We use dependable window materials from Harvey Building Products, so you can count on your windows being strong and stable. Contact us today to get a free window installation estimate.

4 signs you need to replace your windows

Old, structurally compromised windows can cause a lot of problems for homeowners. You should schedule a window replacement if you notice:

  1. Decaying frames
  2. Increased energy usage
  3. Drafts near your windows
  4. Condensation around your windows
If we can repair your window instead of doing a full replacement, we will take that route in order to save you time and money. Call us now at 603-546-7273 to request window replacement services.